Sumner Public Library Foundation (SPLF)

What is SPLF?

Just as the foundation of a home provides stability to its structure, the SPLF provides continued stability and support to the Library.

SPLF is a non-profit entity providing long term supplementary support for the Library: its mission, purposes, services, building, and site. 

Why donate?

Donations to SPLF are tax deductible and do not replace the day to day budget of the Library. By contributing to the SPLF, donors ensure the Sumner Public Library will continue to enhance our community with materials and services to educate and entertain long into the future.

Recent History: 

     2018: SPLF  purchased: Security cameras, bike rack, wooden book bench, large planters and LED flagpole lighting.

     2019: Thanks to the generous memorial gift in memory of Don William Meyerhoff, the computer room was completely remodeled: cubicles removed, new paint, carpeting, LED lighting, shelving, and meeting  table.

     2020: The SPLF continues to provide funds for additional programs, services, and materials. This would not be possible  without continued donations and memorials to the Sumner Public Library Foundation. 

     2021: The SPLF matched the funds provided by the Bremer County Community Foundation to refresh the Library's landscaping and build an sheltered programming area.